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Forfeiture of deposit for OBU

There will be a forfeiture of deposit for an onboard unit that has not been used a year from 1.9.2012. more


CP Sokolov in new premises

Since July 2013 Contact point Sokolov is located in new premises: more


Distribution Network Change

from 10.5.2013 open Benzina Mezno (D3), closed OMV České Velenice more


Distribution Network Change

25.2.2013 - 28.2.2013 more


Distribution Network Change

From 5.2.2013 open Benzina Mezno (D3), closed Benzina Pardubice more


New open hours CP České Budějovice

From 1st of January 2013 opening hours are going to change on contact point České Budějovice 6802. more


Newly toll segment from 13.12.2012 (R48)

Since 13.12. 2012 will be open new toll segment on R48 more


Toll discount

Amendment 196/2012 of Act No. 13/1997 on roads states the possibility and conditions of granting discounts on the toll paid in Czech toll system. more


DP 5206 in new premises

From 31.10.2012 will be moved Distribution point 5206 CDS Náchod into the gas station Shell. more
DP 5206 in new premises


Distribution Network Change

From 30.10.2012 - R6 Odrava more


OBU exempt changes since 1.9.2012

The rules for assignment of exempt OBUs are changed since 1.9.2012 due to the application of the change of Act 13/1997 Sb (by Act 196/2012 Sb.) more


Important notification for users

Selfcare Access - CHANGE - from 10.6.2012 more

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