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Newly open toll segment (D3)


New segments on D3 tolled since 1.7.2013

Toll segments on highway D3 between Tábor and Veselí nad Lužnicí are put in operation from Friday 28th of June:    
  • D0313·Tábor (Měšice) <79>—Planá nad Lužnicí <84>
  • D0314·Planá nad Lužnicí <84>—Soběslav <95>
  • D0315·Soběslav <95>—Dráchov <100>
  • D0316·Dráchov <100>—Veselí-sever <104>

Charging of these toll segments starts from Monday 1st of July 00:00 am. No additional payments are needed for using these segments before this date.


Segment on highway D3:3 Highway section

  • D0312 · Čekanice <76>—Tábor (Měšice) <79>

is not charged for now; no additional payments are needed for using this segment before it will be charged. 


Tarrif table valid from 1.7.2013 to download here [xls] [pdf_truck] [pdf_bus]

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