Return of the electronic device

The electronic device (on-board unit) can be returned in person at a distribution or contact point, or can be sent by post to the address specified on the customer portal together with a duly completed complaint form, which can be downloaded from the customer portal.

The vehicle operator shall be obliged to return the electronic device without unreasonable delay and no later than 21 calendar days after being asked to do so by the system operator, in particular due to the following technical or operational reasons:

  • the end of the life cycle of the technology or the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the electronic device;
  • a technical and manufacturing defect that prevents the functionality and failure-free operation of the electronic device or threatens the safety of the vehicle operator or driver.

If the amount of the prepaid credit is lower than CZK 0, the vehicle operator and/or the driver shall be obliged to pay the outstanding toll upon return of the electronic device. Upon returning the electronic device by post, the system operator shall issue an electronic invoice for the outstanding toll, which the vehicle operator shall be obliged to pay within the maturity date stated on the invoice. The electronic invoice for the outstanding toll shall be available to the vehicle operator via the customer zone. The system operator shall send an e-mail notification of the e-invoice for the outstanding toll available at the customer zone to the vehicle operator, to the e-mail address specified by the vehicle operator.   

The User is obliged to fully compensate for any damage caused by loss, theft, destruction or damage of the electronic device. The deposit will not be refunded to the user in the event of a return of a damaged electronic device. For the avoidance of doubt, it is stated that a damaged electronic device is always discarded from the electronic toll system and remains under the ownership of the system operator. If it is held by the user, it must be returned to the system operator.

If an electronic device issued to the user is found by the system operator or is otherwise held by the system operator, it will be removed from the vehicle register in the electronic toll system. This is not withstanding the right of the user to whom the electronic device was originally issued to the refund of the deposit, if the electronic device is undamaged and fully operational.

If a change in the vehicle operator to whom the electronic device was issued occurs, the original vehicle operator is obliged to return the electronic device within 5 calendar days from the date on which such a change occurred.

The system operator shall withdraw the electronic device and the vehicle from the electronic toll system registration if the user does not return the electronic device more than 1 year from the date of the last toll transaction. The history of the electronic device and vehicle data in the electronic toll system shall be preserved.