Toll payment options

Payment information in the prepay mode and the postpay mode

Payments in the prepay mode

Toll can be prepaid:

  • At any point of sale in cash, by a credit/debit card or by a fuel card; 
  • Through the customer zone by a credit/debit card;
  • Through the mobile application by a credit/debit card;
  • Wire transfer to the system operator's bank account kept with the CNB.

The precondition for issuing an electronic device (on-board unit) is prepaid credit of at least CZK 1,000. 

Payments in the postpay mode

In the postpay mode, the toll is paid depending on the type of postpay terms agreement:

  • with the postpay terms agreement with deferred maturity, the vehicle operator pays the toll by wire transfer to the system operator's bank account specified on the invoice; 
  • with the postpay terms agreement with a fuel card payment, the toll is paid by the fuel card issuer specified in the agreement. the vehicle operator shall only pay a toll for toll transactions that have not been authorised by the fuel card issuer. The toll for unauthorised toll transactions shall be paid by the vehicle operator via wire transfer to the system operator's bank account specified on the invoice.

Supplementary toll

A supplementary toll can be paid both in the prepay mode as well as in the postpay mode at any point of sale by cash, credit/debit or fuel card. Payment can also be made through the customer zone, using a credit/debit card. A supplementary toll can be paid:

  • directly in the event of a vehicle travelling on toll roads without an electronic device or with a non-operational electronic device, or 
  • by submitting a request for a supplementary toll payment in the event of a toll payment based on a title other than a non-existing or non-operational electronic device. After dealing with the request, the supplementary toll is settled with the prepaid toll credit  in the prepay mode; in the postpay mode the difference is then settled by an invoice. 

Fuel cards accepted for the non-cash payment of the electronic toll

By means of a fuel card accepted by the system operator, it is possible to pay a toll and deposit; in the postpay mode also fees for services according to the List of Fees. A list of accepted fuel cards is available in the following table:

Fleet card issuer Accepted prefix

70827411, 70827412, 70827413, 70827491, 70827461, 70827462, 70827463, 70827490, 70827419




704310, 977044


700523, 782546




707842, 708175


70800560, 70800562, 70800592, 70800512, 70800532, 70800572, 70800542, 70800522, 78969012 

MSTS Tolls



710101, 710103, 710104, 710105, 710106, 710109, 710110, 710111, 710714






700670 - 700699, 720100 - 720119


704470 - 704499


710200 - 710214

Shell Card

7077, 7002

TOTAL/AS24 Eurotrafic



706000, 706080, 636200, 636201


789663803, 789663810, 789663011, 789663012, 789663010, 789663020, 789663030, 789663040, 789663050, 789663060, 789663070, 789663080, 789663100


Accepted bank cards

MasterCard VISA Diners Club
Maestro VISA International  
Maestro PayPass VISA Electron  
MasterCard International VPAY  
MasterCard Electronic VISA payWave  
MasterCard PayPass