Trial operation of EETS providers

06. 01. 2023 |
Myto cz

From January 9, 2023, the test operation of EETS on-board devices (hereinafter referred to as "OBE - EETS") will start in the Czech electronic toll system. EETS means the European Electronic Toll Service, which is a tool to achieve European interoperability, which means that vehicle operators and/or drivers can pay toll on toll-charged roads in the countries of the European Union based on a single contract with an EETS provider and using a single on-board device, namely OBE – EETS.

Users of toll roads in the Czech Republic who decide to use OBE – EETS from the EETS provider to pay toll in Czech Republic should, according to the General Terms and Conditions of the operator of the electronic toll system, i.e. ŘSD CR, a state organization, return the on-board units of the Czech electronic toll system ( hereinafter referred to as "OBU – SEM") and terminate the contract with the SEM operator at the SEM Business Point (see List of customer points). If vehicle operators and/or drivers do not return the OBU – SEM before the first use of the EETS – OBE on-board device, it is necessary for them to switch the OBU – SEM to transport mode by requesting the SEM Customer Center (see Contact) or visiting the nearest Business Point SEM.

We would like to point out that:

  • It is the duty of the vehicle operator and/or driver to ensure that only one on-board unit, i.e. an electronic device enabling the prescription of toll, is functional in the vehicle on performance-charged roads in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • Users of toll roads in the Czech Republic using on-board equipment of EETS providers, i.e. OBE – EETS, must contact the EETS provider in case of problems, which is obliged to provide them with complete customer service. No information on the contractual conditions of EETS providers or on how to solve problems with on-board equipment, i.e. OBE - EETS, can be provided to these users at the SEM Business Locations and the SEM Customer Center.
  • In the event of a failure of the on-board equipment of the EETS provider, i.e. OBE – EETS, the user is obliged to visit the nearest SEM Business location to register the on-board SEM unit, i.e. OBU – SEM.